Susan Bissert and her husband John had always dreamed of owning a small business, and in the early 90’s they got their opportunity. A small ice cream shop located behind the old Yardley Hardware Store Building had closed, and Susan and John saw the potential for a new type of dessert shop to open in its place. Gourmet Water Ice. Susan and John loved the concept of a water ice store that offered original flavors made with the best ingredients. Other water ice stores in the area only served standard flavors that were typically manufactured elsewhere and bought in bulk. They also loved the idea of a family friendly atmosphere, and wanted to create a place that the community would gather to enjoy delicious desserts and each other’s company.


In the spring of 1994 the Yardley Ice House opened its doors. With a skeleton staff, which included their teenage daughter M.E. and son Johnny, the family put in long hours to launch their dream. Trained as an artist, Susan spent time developing the look and feel of the store and even hand designed the stencils that graced the wall. John’s background in banking was crucial in keeping the books running seamlessly.

The menu was limited at first, but they soon began featuring favorites like Orange Creamsicle and Cherry Bordeaux, and quickly developed a large following. They have since expanded their menu to include over 30 unique flavors, like Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

The Yardley Ice House started as a family business and remains one today. Susan and John passed the reigns over to their niece Jackie and her husband Todd in 2022. The “family” has extended to include the wonderful staff, many of which have been with the Ice House for more than five years. Keith, the irreplaceable night manager has been with the Ice House for over 8 years and makes sure everything runs seamlessly at night. During the day, you will find Sue, making sure the ice is perfect and the customers more than satisfied.

In addition to gourmet Italian water ice, the Yardley Ice House offers old-fashioned soft-serve custard and fat-free ice cream, gelatis, sundaes, shakes, malts, floats and blend-ins. Check out the water ice flavors on the front page for the flavors on tap for today!